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If you have a professionally-created logo or design already developed, then great! Having artwork in a professional electronic format simplifies the setup process and speeds the timeline for production.If you don’t have any art developed or don’t have a digital file, then akhmarketingwill create a professional design for you at a very affordable rate!SCREEN PRINTING ART & PRE-PRODUCTION EMBROIDERY ART & PRE-PRODUCTIONOF CRITICAL IMPORTANCE: The quality of the artwork used for a job directly affects the final look of any finished product. Don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish”: if you decide to use self-designed or previously-designed artwork that is less than perfect to save a few dollars in art charges, then it is reasonable to expect the finished product will be less than perfect.

It is impossible to produce great custom logo products without great design and perfect pre-production. Please give great consideration to the advice we provide regarding design, art files and pre-production!

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