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There are plenty of less-than-sophisticated embroidery shops out there that crank out poorly digitized, poorly sewn embroidered designs. We’ve taken a decidedly different route: the professionals at akhmarketing produce embroidery at its most technical, most professional level.With the absolute latest in embroidery equipment, embroidery tools and digitizing software, akhmarketing is the premier company to embroider your logo on to any of a thousand apparel styles or textile promotional products like bags, totes, etc.And even though we are technically superior to most shops, we still ply our trade in a highly cost-effective manner.There are plenty of small-time embroidery shops in the marketplace that are willing to take on a job at a cut-rate price simply to generate some revenues. And their finished work looks like it came from a small-time shop running at a cut-rate price — the phrase “you get what you pay for” is a cliché because it is true.We are fairly priced, but more importantly we are the best. We guarantee quality work, a high-standard of embroidery, and the best in technology and skill.If you want premium quality embroidery work on both textiles and non-flat stock, then turn to akhmarketing International Inc.

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